Come Share in My Sudden and Likely Short-Lived Enthusiasm

So, I have this yen to do some kind of serialized online novel. As in, I put up a new chapter every week or so and anyone who follows this thing screams encouragement for me to continue.

I have a few ideas, but I’m still at the really, really early stage where I’m about 98% enthusiasm and 2% structure (if only that were all that was required).  So this thing could be any genre, or several genres, and go on for as long as I feel necessary.

Of course, this could all be a temporary madness on my part. Alternatively, it could be an exercise in forced creativity. After all, nothing motivates productivity like deadlines and an enthusiastic audience (or at least an imagined version of the same).

I should note here that any future projects I undertake will not be a sequel to The Foreigner, or anything related to The Foreigner. I have never seriously wanted to do a multi-book series, for several reasons. Prime among them is I don’t want to be locked into a very long project past the point where I myself tire of it. Plus, I have read too many series, some of them written by fantastic authors, that simply start to collapse under their own weight after Book 4 or 5*, and you can almost feel the writer’s enthusiasm waning. And I I really don’t see a reason that I would be any different under the same circumstances. Plus, in the case of The Foreigner, does anyone really want to see me do more horrible things to Adeline Rook? By the end of book, I sort of got the feeling she could use a  break and perhaps a nice long bubble bath. If anything I write in the future has a connection with my first novel, it will be a blink-and-you-miss-it reference that will have no bearing on the reader’s understanding or enjoyment of the story (hmm…..)

So what I’m talking about here is leaping into some new story and seeing if it holds anything that interests me. And I’m excited about it. I just have to see if I can make the excitement (and a plot) last.

Suggestions welcome, but no promises!

*Here, I’m not really talking about one-shot novels set in the same universe with the same characters (i.e a lot of mystery and detective fiction), but books in series with an overarching plot that demands an endgame.