June Update: Podcasts and Mayhem

So, I have been doing things for the last four months, just, err, not updating much. What I have been doing is going back to school to get a Master’s in Health Services Administration (I have been loving my classes, but I have a sneaking suspicion I was the oldest student in each of the ones I’ve taken). Also, I’ve been planning my wedding this summer. But enough about that and onto the important stuff: addictive podcasts.

I’m late to a lot of parties, including the podcast one. But hey, I seem to be having fun anyway. Last year I started listening to a lot of mystery and true crime podcasts such as Serial and True Crime Garage and within the last few months I’ve discovered Alzabo Soup, a show hosted by two long time friends discussing the works of science fiction author Gene Wolfe. Niche audience? Sure. But it’s great fun to listen to, and if you’re not already familiar with Wolfe’s works, AS is a great introduction. I’ve also made the leap to fictional audio dramas. I recently binge-listened to the first season of Homecoming over a week of walking at the gym, and I’ve started on The Black Tapes, an X-Files-type series that follows the same format and tone of the non-fictional Serial. It’s great for listening to with the lights out and the windows open on a windy night. Then there’s Alice Isn’t Dead, which is made by the same folks that made Welcome to the Night Vale. I have not yet listened to WNV, but it seems to be well-known and popular among the people that follow this sort of thing. Alice Isn’t Dead is best described as Twin Peaks after about six Monster energy drinks, and so far it’s fantastic. Now,this one is best listened to while driving down a long, desolate stretch of road late at night, but don’t wait around, just start listening.

Also, never fear, I have been writing, too.

Hope everyone is well. I’ll try to update more frequently!